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Swim Meet Officiating Positions

GPSA Representative : (At least one per team). Pool’s representative to the summer league, the Greater Peninsula Swimming Association (GPSA). The ONLY person designated to approach a referee in regard to a question relative to a ruling by a meet official.

Referee: (One per home meet) Conducts and manages the meet. Makes the final determination in regard to eligibility and finish of swimmers, interpretations of rules, and conduct of the meet. (Advanced training required and previous experience at other positions highly desirable.)

Assistant Referee: (One per home meet) Facilitates the conduct of the meet by handling deck activities that require Referee involvement. This primarily consists of expediting, approving and organizing disqualifications. (Advanced training required and previous experience at other positions highly desirable.)

Starter: (One per home meet). Prepares and starts each event, and works closely with the referee to insure a fair and smooth running meet. (Advanced training required.)

Stroke and Turn Judge : (Minimum of two per team per meet) Responsible for insuring that the swimmers are swimming the respective strokes correctly as specified in the USA Swimming Rules. Also responsible for insuring that turns and finishes are completed in conformance with the rules. Makes written report of disqualification of swimmers who do not comply with rules, and explains the violation(s) to referee, swimmers and coaches. (Requires a training class.)

Sweeps Judge : (One per team) - Observes and records order of finish of competing swimmers in each event.

Head Timer or Back Up Timer : (One per each home meet) - Insures that each swimming lane has a timer to determine the time a swimmer used to complete a meet. Maintains TWO stopwatches as back-ups in case of watch malfunction or other issue in a swim lane.

Timer: (Each team must cover at least three lanes during each meet). Uses stopwatch to determine the time a swimmer in a particular lane uses to complete an event. The timer starts the watch when they see the flash from the starting system (or the sound if another system is used) and stops the watch when any part of the swimmer touches the wall. The timers record all times and do not make decisions on legal stroke/turns/finishes. In most meets – try to have a Recorder work with a timer. The timer times and the recorder records or writes the times down. The timer calls for a back up (Head Timer) if their watch fails during the event.

Runner: Picks up the lane slips showing the times for each completed event from the timers, and delivers them to the referee for review and approval. Carries same from referee to scorer’s table, for use in determining the scores given each swimmer and team for that particular event.

Scorekeeper: Completes a roster of swimmers for each event, using material/information supplied by the coaches. Assigns points to swimmers/team for each event based upon order placement by referee and sweeps judges.

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